Thursday, December 01, 2005

Globe No Longer Covering Patriots

FOXBOROUGH, MA (TCR) - New England Patriots officials complained today that the Boston Globe is no longer covering the team in their sports section.

"They'll give pages upon pages of positive coverage to Red Sox real estate deals," said Patriots Media Relations Director Stacey James, "but now they're saying they won't cover game day stories of us. It's insane."

"All those years Fenway residents would scream bloody murder when the Sox tried to add a single seat, but now we're supposed to believe that ever since the Globe bought into the team the residents are throwing roses at their huge proposals?"

Globe Sports Editor Joe Sullivan confirmed the change.

"As the premier paper in the region, we cover only the premier teams," Sullivan said, dismissing the Patriots recent Super Bowl wins as "yesterday's news."

The Globe has an ownership stake in the Red Sox. Sullivan confirmed that they will be the only team they will cover.

"We only buy into the best sports teams," Sullivan said. "You can rest assured that if we don't own it; it's not worth paying attention to."

The Patriots and Celtics planned to hold press conferences today to protest the Globe's new policy. The Bruins planned to hold a press conference to announce they are still in existance.

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