Wednesday, May 03, 2006

WEEI's Dennis & Callahan To Debut "Whiteys"

BOSTON - The WEEI "Dennis & Callahan" morning show will debut a new feature at the end of their show called "The Whitey Line."

Modeled after the popular "Whiner Line" from the afternoon show, hosts Dennis & Callahan will provide a forum for callers to share their views about how the inferiorities minorities. Any actual sports content is not required, a station source said.

"They feel that there isn't a show in this market that openly caters to racists, and they felt they could change their show and serve that audience," said the source on the condition of anonymity. "So to cater to racists, they're adding this segment and, um, well...that's about all the changes the show actually needed."

"They have made inroads into this audience before, particularly in 2003 and just this past week. We think they're going to do fine."

And like the Whiner Line, there will be a gala celebration at the beginning of each year for the Whitey Line. The hosts and theier favorite callers will don white robes on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and march through Roxbury.


Monday, May 01, 2006

The 2006 Craphonso Thorpe Award Nominees

The five finalists for the Craphonso Thorpe Award for the best incoming NFL name. Until last year this was known as the "What Was Your Mother Thinking?" award.

D'Qwell Jackson - You just know the Plain Dealer Copy Editors are drooling with the proospect of turning a "D'Qwelling the riot" phrase in a headline.
Jerious Norwood - Is this like "Yahoo Serious" from Norwood instead of Australia?
Parys Haralson - Paris Hilton and Woody Harrelson had a child, and it can't spell. Surprise, surprise.
Johnny Jolly - Sounds like a character you'd find in a Ron Jeremy movie."Hi, I'm Johnny Jolly and I'm here to fix your air conditioning." "Well, you better hurry because me and my hot, horny girlfriends are gonna keep taking our clothes off until its fixed." (CUE MUSIC)
Le Kevin Smith - If you ask someone in France who directed "Clerks" this is the answer you get.