Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Beisel Leaves Pats For White House

WASHINGTON, DC (TCR) - Linebacker Monty Beisel left the New England Patriots today to become the new Communications Director at the White House.

Citing his reduced playing time with the Patriots, Beisel said it was time to put his extensive PR training to good work.

"I relish the challenge of this responsibility," said Beisel. "It's a bit of a change from what I've been doing, but I know there are certain reporters who keep annoying the President with questions about the war and things like that, and they need to kept away from him. There's no way I'll let (Bush) look bad."

Beisel's first day got off to a rough start. When Mike Wallace from "60 Minutes" asked a question Beisel deemed critical of the President, Beisel screamed "That's your professionalism? You're going to slash the President in a house paid for by hard-working Republicans?" Beisel then tried to tackle Wallace, but fortunately the 87-year-old journalist was able to evade the tackle.

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