Monday, December 19, 2005

FOX Announces "Skating With The Stars" Follow-Up

"Shooting Spouses With The Stars" to Premiere Next Season

HOLLYWOOD (TCR Wire Reports) - The FOX Network will expand its "Dancing With The Stars" and "Skating With The Stars" franchise to a new spin off called "Shooting Spouses With The Stars."

Hosted by OJ Simpson, celebrities and athletes will be paired with professional hitmen and the team that completes their mission first will win their chosen charity a generous cash prize.

There has been no official word on contestants; however, speculation is swirling around Kurt Warner, Hillary Clinton, Doug Christie, Renee Zellweger, Kris Benson and Whitney Houston.

Special guest panelists are said to include Rae Carruth (via satellite) and Robert Blake.

Joe Calapai's next comedy show is next Saturday, March 11th at the Randolph Holiday Inn. For more details, visit Joe Calapai Comedy.


ItsTJoint said...

I heard it got cancelled. There's no way that Doug Christie's wife will let him skate with anyone...

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