Sunday, December 11, 2005

Energy Site Harassed By Boston Sports Radio Station

BRIGHTON, MA (TCR) - Officials from the Edison Electric Institute in Washington, DC claim they are getting harassing messages from staff members and listeners of WEEI-AM, A Boston sports talk radio station.

"Apparently they are getting us confused with their station because our web sites have similar addresses, " said EEI official Keith Voight, whose organization can be found online at

WEEI officials ( had no comment.

"We keep getting calls from them, demanding we change our address," said Voight. "They're just not listening to reason. We are in no way competing with them. One belligerent gentleman who I believe was named 'Meat' just repeatedly called me a 'weed jerk.' It was very baffling."

Voight said he was surprised to learn they were a sports radio station. "I listened early one weekday morning and I didn't hear them mention anything about sports at all," said Voight. "I thought it was some sort of Ku Klux Klan radio hour, to tell you the truth."

Voight said they are also getting innundated with calls from WEEI listeners trying to get on that station's popular "Whiner Line" segment.

"I'm a quite peaceful man," said Voight. "But if I hear one more person warbling a Christmas carol with 'Renteria' worked into it, I will track them down, rip out their throat, and use their blood to heat my house for an hour."

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