Monday, January 09, 2006

Mangini To Jets? Lions Next

NEW YORK (TCR) - The New York Jets, seeking a new coach after they traded the rights to Herm Edwards to the Kansas City Chiefs, are considering New England Patriots Defensive Coordinator Eric Mangini for their head coaching vacancy.

Not to be outdone, the Detroit Lions contacted the Patriots and requested permission to interview Mangini's replacement once he is named.

"It gets competitive trying to recruit NFL coaches" said Lions President/CEO Matt Millen. "We have to be proactive. You know everyone and their brother will try to hire the next guy Belichick plugs in there, at least we've put our foot in the door."

Sources in Buffalo indicate there is concern that they will wind up the only AFC East team without a Belichick clone as head coach, and were preparing an effort to hire Belichick's father, Steve, as head coach. League insiders informed the beleagured organization that Steve Belichick recently passed away, and the team is currently pursuing other options.

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