Sunday, January 15, 2006

Damon Sues Plummer For Copyright Infringement

WILMINGTON, DE (TCR) - New York Yankees centerfielder Johnny Damon filed a lawsuit against Denver Broncos quarterback Jake Plummer for copyright infringement, claiming he pioneered the long hair/scruffy beard look and holds exclusive rights.

Plummer and Broncos officials refused comment.

Dmaon, who has trimmed his trademark hair and is cleanshaven now that he is a member of the image-conscious Yankees, says that should not matter.

"Hey, everyone knows that I was the first one to do it," said Damon. "The bracelets say 'WWJDD' - What Would Johnny DAMON Do. They don't say 'WWJPD.'"

Biblical scholars say that if Jesus' return to earth is imminent, he may choose to dispute Damon's claims of ownership to the look, as well as the bracelets.

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