Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Sen. John Kerry Endorses, Then Condemns Saban Move

WASHINGTON, DC - Senator John Kerry (D-MA) backed off his initial support of Nick Saban abandoning the Miami Dolphins for the University of Alabama.

"I was for his move before I was against it," acknowledged Kerry.

Kerry went on to say that he doesn't think Saban was lying when he insisted just days earlier that he would not be the head coach at Alabama.

"You see, Nick Saban is a leader just like me, " Kerry explained. "Leaders make tough decisions. And sometimes we make lots of them. We're not changing our minds; we're simply just making multiple decisions because we're so good at it."



Catherine said...

Joe, I know this isn’t your point here, but the reason this isn’t ‘real funny stuff’ is that Senator Kerry voted FOR an $87 billion appropriations bill that was fully funded and had provisions that the money would be properly accounted for.
He voted AGAINST a bill that would leave Bush's quagmire to be paid for by your great grandkids and that would allow billions to be lost in questionable contracts and have Halliburton laughing all the way to the bank.

That said, I’m really kind of ‘girly’ and know nothing about football.

Joe Calapai said...

Heh...well, you're right that it wasn't my point. But believe me, I'm not bashing Kerry for partisan reasons. I'm a Bush Democrat - that is, an independent voter who won't vote Republican ever again after Iraq. I just can't figure out why the Democrats determined John Kerry as the "most electable" - I'm from Mass. and coiuld see things like this happening from a mile away.

And being girly is certainly no reason to avoid the NFL. John Clayton has made quite a nice living off being an NFL expert on ESPN.

Zulema said...

Interesting to know.