Tuesday, June 27, 2006

MLB Announces Plan To Reduce Red Sox, Yankee All-Star Votes

NEW YORK - Faced with the prospect of 67% of the American League voted All-Stars being Red Sox and Yankees players, Commissioner Bud Selig announced a plan he hoped would bring blance to the process.

"Effective immediately, we will now allow fans to also vote AGAINST players" Selig said. "It is our intention that the rabid fan bases of the Red Sox and Yankees will vote against the players, and that will bring some parity to the process."

The plan stipulates that each negative vote will count as .5 of a vote and the total vote count will be the difference between the Yes and No votes.

"If Manny Ramirez gets 4 million votes to get on the team, and two million votes against, his total vote total would be 3 million" Selig said.


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